Welcome to TalkingWoSo.com.

We aim to provide coverage of women’s football, with a primary focus on Tier 3 and below of the women’s football pyramid.

With an ever-growing emphasis on the WSL and Women’s Championship, we felt that the teams, players and coaches, who ply their trade in Tier 3 (FAWNL) and below deserved more exposure, and as a result Talking WoSo was created.

While there will be a focus of the tiers mentioned, we will also provide coverage of other areas of women’s football, producing original content, such as columns and opinion pieces, discussing all avenues of women’s football.

What will coverage include?

  • Featured columns
  • News
  • Previews
  • Reports
  • Interviews
  • Stats
  • Photos
  • and more

Want to get involved?

Read more here.

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