With the season just a few days away and excitement levels reaching fever pitch, we thought it was time to give a more formal introduction to the people behind Talking WoSo and provide a little more detail of our plans moving forward.

More detailed bios will be added to our site in the near future, but for the time being, here’s a brief introduction as well as our individual roles.

Think of this as a “who are ya?”.

There are currently two of us: Craig and Alicia.


I (Craig) will be focusing on providing coverage of all 6 FAWNL divisions. What does that mean exactly? Well, when I decided to launch Talking WoSo, among other things, I wanted to create a narrative to accompany the season; to give coverage and recognition to the talented individuals involved in tier 3 and below of the football pyramid.

I have a written detailed daily roadmap for myself and while won’t disclose it in its entirety, I will say it involves every single FAWNL club on some level, it’s quite ambitious and involves a day-to-day workflow.

Sundays for example, will involve live match coverage, photos, producing table and results graphics, and writing a match report for the game I attend that day. At a minimum. Until I’ve put my plans into practise it’s hard to know exactly how much content I can produce, but that’s the minimum you can expect from me on a Sunday.

On Mondays, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine: stat gathering. I often wonder if I enjoy the mundane more than most, but for me, stats can provide context to events, reveal interesting patterns and add depth to future articles – I have a pile of notebooks ready! Also on Mondays, I will be doing something else I enjoy – Monday seems like a bit of a “me day” doesn’t it? – giving credit on an individual and club level. I won’t say what that means exactly, but will say I’m someone who feels it’s important to recognise the achievements of others, no matter the size.

Tuesdays onward. Well, you’ll see next Tuesday!

Generalised though, other coverage will include: previews, photos, reports, interviews, opinion pieces and more.

Another personal aim of mine is to attend a game every weekend possible. These will be mostly FAWNL games, but I would like to attend at least one grassroots game a month as well. Knowing how often games are rescheduled in women’s football this may change, but here are my tentative plans for September:

Sept 1. FA Cup: Wantage Town vs Wycombe Wanderers
Sept 8. FAWNL: Oxford United vs Chichester
Sept 15. FAWNL: Oxford United vs Gillingham
Sept 22. FAWNL: Hounslow vs Plymouth
Sept 29. One of four games*

*Chetenham Town vs Maidenhead United, Brislington vs Buckland Athletic, AFC Wimbledon vs Enfield Town or Abingdon Town vs Bournmouth CST Dev.

I want to close this by thanking everyone who has connected with us and to those who have expressed kind words. Truly. And thank you, Alicia. I never expected anyone to reach out and want to get involved with Talking WoSo, especially not during the first few weeks. To say it was very humbling and unexpected is an understatement. I am excited to read your work and see where Talking WoSo takes us.

Roll on Sunday!


I (Alicia) will be providing a more personal perspective into women’s grassroots football. Most of what I’ll share with you will be me documenting my season, but I’ll also touch on some of the issues surrounding women’s football more generally and how it affects the game at all levels.

I’ll aim to write an article a week, whether that be some sort of advice to players, a match report, or my opinion on a certain issue. I’d also love it if other grassroots players, coaches and supporters would get involved with commenting and sharing their own experiences with me, so that the Talking WoSo community keeps growing.

As a player, I’ve been around the houses; FAWNL, BUCS university leagues, and regional leagues in England, as well as playing in Spain and Russia. I’m hoping that sharing my experiences might be of use to younger girls looking to get into football, as well as being an interesting read for your morning commute or tea break at work!

I’ll always be happy to hear from anyone who’d like me to discuss a particular issue in women’s football or to share something about a particular league that I’ve played in. I’m not just a player, but also a massive advocate for more visibility for the women’s game, so I hope you’re all as excited to support Talking WoSo as I am to be a part of it!